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Weight Loss Centre

  • Gamma weight loss clinic is a new achievement for Palwal city as it is a highly required facility for the population of Palwal and nearby areas.
    We all know today is the age of modernization and partying out on every small occasion which causes increased weight directly or indirectly. So by looking at this we founded gamma weight loss clinic as a solution for this problem. The clinic is running since last 2+ years only but has given remarkable results in just this short span and gained good repute over the city population.
    Gamma weight loss clinic is having very soothing and comfortable environment for the clients. Here you will be treated by trained, experienced and very friendly staff.

    Gamma weight loss clinic is a reputed name in weight loss clinics in the city. It is established in May 2011 and since then providing its services to the city unconditionally. It is situated in the basement of GAMMA PHYSIOCARE. The clinic is providing the best ever facilities for weight reduction similar to that of you will be getting in delhi and Faridabad. The focus area of the clinic is that client should get most out of the money paid that is why the charges kept and the packages formed are so reasonable and affordable easily. Moreover the trouble to travel to Faridabad and delhi is no more. The working hours of the clinic are comfortable and well suited to every one.

  • Vision & Mission

    Obesity is one of the most significant public health problems facing the whole country. Excess weight is associated with increased risk for many diseases including diabetes, certain types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for weight loss, and many overweight people struggle for years to shed unwanted pounds. Researchers now believe that successful and permanent weight loss is only possible with comprehensive lifestyle changes that address eating behaviors, physical activity, and psychological factors such as goal-setting and self-esteem issues.

    Hence looking all this the clinic now direct its activities to give as much benefits as it can to the people so that they can live a healthy and happy life.

  • Director's Desk

    Doctors all around the world regard obesity as a global health threat. In fact, almost 80% of obese adults have high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated blood-cholesterol levels,coronary artery disease or osteoarthritis. Nearly 40% have more than one of these conditions. The financial cost of these diseases is staggering. Unfortunately, the number of overweight people around the world has climbed to 1.1 billion — and that number is quickly rising! The number one cause for weight gain is taking in more calories than are expended. Most people are fairly active when they’re young, and activity generally slows as the years pass.

    Sedentary jobs, modern conveniences, tight schedules, and lack of interest in exercise contribute to this pattern. Generally, metabolism slows as age increases, while activity usually decreases. Another factor in weight gain is food availability. Modern day supermarkets feature every imaginable food a person could want. But time being in short supply causes many to opt for high-sugar, high-fat, high-sodium convenience foods, often at the expense of nutrition and health. Besides the health risks, weight seriously affects self image ensuring that overweight people suffer considerably more often from low self-esteem than those who fall within standard weight levels.

    The clinic is aiming towards treating this life disturbing condition effectively. We are using the most innovative and newest technology to deal it with. We are getting good responses all over for our efforts and results.

    We are thankfull to the people of city, our seniors and doctors for their continuous suggestions and support. We promise you all to give you the best results and services in the upcoming future and always.


    Gamma weight loss clinic is providing facilities where a person can visit to gain tools and knowledge of how to loss weight. The clinic offers services that include diet and nutrition counseling and personal exercise plan. our clinic is staffed with variety of doctors, assistants and counselors who specialize in weight loss. At our clinic we first begin with evaluation of general health of the client. Once it has been determined that client is healthy enough to begin a weight loss programme an individual plan is created for the client during a session with the nutritionist. A diet is formulated for each client and client is given precise information on how to follow it.

    Some added advantages of our Personalized DIET PLANS for weight loss :

    • You can eat foods of your choice - with slight modifications only. No fashionable salad diets/ exotic recipes/crash diets are advised. We have strong scientific basis for each of our plan.
    • Healthy foods from those commonly available in your own kitchen are prescribed and client’s choice for the food is totally taken under consideration. Additionally, our health plans will boost your body immunity naturally.
    • No dedicated daily time or effort required.
    • No drugs/medicines/hectic exercises/harmful chemicals are advised. Total safe and healthy way to maintain your health.
    • We believe in slowly modulating diet through personalized Diet Plans and changing habits,to ensure that weight loss/gain is long lasting. Unlike other weight management Clinics where your body regains the lost weight as quickly as you lost it.

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